Sep. 10th, 2009

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Hi friends! I am fascinated with the date tomorrow: 09.09.09. When added together, that equals 27. Add 2 and 7, and you get 9 again!

So, in honor of being easily amused, Good Judy is having a 27% off sale. Every purchase from now through Sunday (the 13th) will be 27% off. No exclusions other than this offer may not be used to purchase gift certificates and may not be combined with any other coupon, sale, or offer.

Now's your chance to stock up on Limited Editions including Enchanted Autumn 2009, Los Dias de los Muertos 2009, and APM: September perfumes, purchase your favorite Aromatic Spritzers, and get those Whiffs you've been dying to try.

Simply add the coupon code: 999 during checkout and you'll receive 27% off your entire purchase.

On a side note, Good Judy periodically notifies customers (using the networking sites below) about a scent of the day. Knowing I wanted to have Whip be the scent for today, I was completely baffled when I realized that I forgot to ever add the perfume when the Boudoir Boutique general category went live! After having a good laugh, I added the blend. I also want to make sure everyone is aware that it's there, so without further ado...

Whip: Thank you! May I have another? Whip me, spank me, pinch me, and tell me that I'm bad. Love and pain become one and the same with this tantalizing toy. Cross the threshold into a world of spiritual and sexual awakening. For the more adventurous, Whip is sure to please. So get cheeky and leave your mark of love! Whip it good! Stinging leather musk, tender pink floral accord, blond wood, sweet bisabol myrrh

Love and light,
-Sigg (Forum)
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