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APM: August only has a week left before making room for APM: September. Poor August was swallowed up by the Enchanted Autumn and Aromatic Spritzer releases, and has not received the attention it deserves. But, rest assured, there is one more week to take advantage of these wonderful blends.

Remember, Almanac per Mensem blends are now available for the entire month...and as Whiff selections! Available 8.01.2009 through 8.31.2009, or while supplies last.

Augustus (Essential Elixir): Augustus Caesar clarified and completed the calendar reform began by Julius Caesar. In the process, he also renamed a month after himself. It is said that he chose this month because many of his greatest achievements were carried out during this time. Cypress, heliotrope, bergamot mint, frankincense

Gladiolus: August's birth flower, the Gladiolus symbolizes generosity, strength, moral integrity, and infatuation. Meaning "little sword" in Latin, a bouquet with Gladiolus tells recipients that they romantically pierce the heart like a sword. Infatuation indeed! Gladiolus, spices

Peridot: August's birthstone, Peridot represents luck, peace, and success. Peridot is said to calm nerves and dispel anger, and heal past emotional wounds. It signifies strength, both individual and relationship, and is thought to promote new growth in years ahead. A healing stone, Peridot brings understanding of providence and purpose. Cactus lily, agave nectar, olive flower, cucumber, dewberry leaf

Sturgeon Moon: August's full moon was named by the fishing tribes since sturgeons, a large fish, were readily caught during this time. Lake water, cool greens, cyclamen, water hyacinth, lunar spices

Virgo (Essential Elixir): August 23nd – September 22rd: The Virgin. Mutable. Earth. Mercury. Practical. Analytical. Critical. Insightful. Investigative. Cautious. Meticulous. Organized. Ginger lily, spike lavender, almond, caraway

Many blessings,

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