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It's September! The weather is definitely cooling. The windows are open and the mountain air is alive with the scents and the sounds of the end of summer. With September comes 15 limited edition blends ready for the slathering! Good Judy's favorite holiday is just around the corner. Plus, the Almanac per Mensem blends for September are ready to go. Onwards...


Remember, Almanac per Mensem blends are available for the entire month and as Whiff selections! Available 9.01.2009 through 9.31.2009, or while supplies last.

Aster: September's birth flower, the Aster symbolizes love, faith, wisdom, and valor. Its name is derived from the Ancient Greek word "astron", which means star. Mythology claims that when the Goddess Asterea looked down upon the Earth and saw no stars, she began to cry. Asters bloomed where her tears fell. Aster, spices

Libra (Essential Elixir): September 23nd – October 22rd: The Scales. Cardinal. Air. Venus. Outgoing. Social. Communicative. Impartial. Harmonious. Accommodating. Indecisive. Likable. Creative. Catnip, rose geranium, armoise, spearmint, curcuma

Mean Foghamar: September 22, 2009 @ 5:18 PM EDT, Northern Hemisphere. Mean Foghamar (Moon FOW-er) means Autumn Equinox and is the Druid version of Mabon. It is a feast for giving thanks and celebrating the successful farming season along with the completion of the harvest. It also marks the beginning of the preparations for the winter months. Spiritually, Mean Foghamar is a time of self reflection and meditation, a time to honor what we have achieved and an opportunity to learn from what we have not. White sage for purification, desert sage for wisdom, two sweet and smoky myrrhs for meditation and contemplation, rubywood for spirituality, and herbal musk for the elements

Nut Moon: September's full moon received its name because all of the fruits and nuts of the bushes and trees of the forest were gathered at this time. A wide variety of nuts from the trees went into the nut breads for the various festivals throughout the seasons. Acorn, hazelnut, chestnut, almond, lunar spices

Rosh Hashanah: Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset, September 18th and lasts through sunset, September 20th. It is the first of the Jewish High Holidays (literally meaning "Head of the Year") and is commonly referred to as the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah is a time of introspection and encourages making amends and righting wrongs from the previous year in order to be a better person in the coming year. Steeped in spiritual tradition and prayer, Rosh Hashanah also has many food customs. Round Challah bread is dipped in honey as blessings are said. Then, apples are dipped in honey symbolizing a good sweet year. L'shanah tovah! Challah bread, apple, honey

Sapphire: September's birthstone, Sapphires are symbolic of wisdom, inner peace, chastity, and purity. Sapphires are a variety of the mineral corundum and come in an array of colors, blue being the most popular. Red corundum is known as Ruby. Sapphires are said to have healing powers, and in ancient times Sapphires were thought to protect against poisons, especially snake venom. Good Judy's blue chypre, sapphire flower, Parma violet, blue lotus

Septem (Essential Elixir): According to the Georgian calendar, September is the ninth month. But, on the Roman calendar, it was the seventh month, as Septem means seven in Latin. September has had 29 days, and 31 days; but, since the time of the emperor Augustus, it has had only 30 days. Palmarosa, rosewood, opoponax, michelia alba leaf


Los Dias de los Muertos 2009: Join us in a scented celebration for family, friends, and loved ones who have passed on. Remember their lives and honor their spirits. Good Judy's Los Dias de los Muertos 2009 contains 8 perfume blends to help you kick off the Days of the Dead fiestas with aromatic fervor and in scented style. There are 6 returning favorites (with a few twists), and 2 new blends: Calavera de Azucar & Los Angelitos.

Los Dias de los Muertos 2009 blends are available 9.1.2009 through 11.5.2009, or while supplies last.

Atole: One of the traditional bebidas of The Day of the Dead, Atole is a warm, thick drink made from masa and sweetened with cinnamon and sugar. Masa, vanilla, piloncillo, milk, pineapple, cinnamon

Calabaza en Tacha: Delight in the Fiestas de Muertos with scrumptious warm pumpkin simmered in piloncillo, orange juice, and cinnamon. A delicious candied pumpkin treat…but our oil is for wearing, not to eat! Sweet Pumpkin, cinnamon sticks, piloncillo, orange juice, spices

Calavera de Azucar (NEW): No Dias de los Muertos fiesta would be complete without Los Calaveras de Azucar. Mounds of sugar skulls are created during the week before the holidays. Made of sugar, meringue, and royal icing, sugar skulls are ofrendas for deceased loved ones (sometimes even bearing their names) and are placed on altars and grave sites. The sugar represents the sweetness of life and the skull represents the sadness of death. But, Los Calaveras de Azucar are not only for the deceased. The living rejoice in the receiving of these skeletal confections too! Heaping spoonfuls of colored sugar, meringue powder, royal icing

Los Angelitos (NEW): In many regions of Mexico, November 1st (All Saints Day) is known as El Dia de los Angelitos (little angels) in remembrance of deceased infants and children. Ofrendas for Los Angelitos are commonly favorite toys, sweets, and a cup of milk or Atole, along with the usual ofrendas of food, incense, and flowers. Funeral flowers including tagetes absolute, moonflower, calla lily, and narcissus. Warm, smoky incense of copal, amber, and sangre de drago. Sweet treats of chocolate, vanilla, and orange.

Mictecacihuatl: Mictecacihuatl is the Aztec Queen of Mictlan (the underworld) who watches over the bones of the dead. Also known as the Lady of the Dead, she presides over the current festivities associated with Los Dias de los Muertos. Crushed rose petals, sacrificial blood wine, Spanish moss, chaparral

Mole Frutas: This fruit mole has a kick! Made with traditional Mexican herbs and spices and complimented by prickly pears and lime, this is a spicy, tart, sweet sauce perfect for los Dia de los Muertos. Prickly pear, lime, cilantro, chili powder, cumin, cacao

Ofrenda: Las Ofrendas are offerings or altars set out as a symbolic gesture and invitation welcoming deceased loved ones home on Los Dias de los Muertos. A candle is set for each relative and is thought to guide them on their way. Cempasuchitl decorate the altar and represent life. Copal is burned and the rising smoke carries the prayers to God. Chocolates, fruits, moles, pan de muerto, calabaza en tacha, tobacco and other worldly enjoyments are especially prepared. The foods will not be eaten, but only enjoyed for the aroma! Copal, cempasuchitl flower, tobacco, sugar skulls, spices, candle smoke

Pan de Muerto: Sweet bread made and served especially for Los Dias de los Muertos. The bread is carefully prepared and rolled into a round shape with pieces of dough placed on top representing a skull or skeleton bones. Good Judy's perfume is a perfect recreation of this delectable delight…only there’s no eating this sweet treat. Wear your food! Butter, sugar, yeast, eggs, orange peel, pimpinella seeds


Autumn 2009: Enchanted Autumn is still going strong, and blends will be available through 9.30.2009, or while supplies last.

Indian Summer (a returning favorite): Mulling spices, warm woods, hay accord, pumpkin, apple, orange

Enchanted Autumn: Caramel corn, dried sweetgrass, red sweetgum, golden amber, hazelnut

Autumn Whispers: Pumpkin flesh, lavender milk, basil, bergamot, sandalwood

Heart of Straw: Brittle straw, corn silk, gurjum oil, sun-faded denim, and the faint smell of dried husks

Pumpkin Hollow: Peach nectar, pumpkin juice, sunflower, chokeberry, bittersweet vine

The Gloaming: The sky is the color of seasoned oranges and red blood, the horizon darkening tolu balsam, and the thickening air is filled with beguiling spices

Into the Woods: Crisp night air, dried leaves, aged oak, sweet pine, soft moss

Shadow Show: Black musk, dark cherry wood, olibanum, elemi, soft sweet clove, shimmering vanilla

The Claiming of the Autumn Child: Cocoa bitters, persimmon, black bark honey, shea butter

Vanishing Lessons: Sweet opium smoke, midnight spices, vanilla soaked resins, fireside embers


Good Judy's Aromatic Spritzers are a hit! Thanks so much for the great reception and feedback. Remember, Aromatic Spritzers are all general catalog blends except for Vanilla Chai, which ends its run on 9.30.2009, or until supplies last.

Many blessings,

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