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December is here, and it promises to be a great end to a wonderful year for Good Judy. The last month of the year brings a rather large update. There are some great APM: December perfumes, the return of Flaming Red, a few new Limited Edition Aromatic Spritzers, a fabulous new Signature Scent, discontinued perfumes, and I am most excited to announce our newest product...Mineral Bath Soaks!


Almanac per Mensem perfumes are available for the entire month and are available as Whiff selections! Available 12.1.2009 through 12.31.2009, or while supplies last.

(once in a) Blue Moon: Every once in a Blue Moon there is a month that sees two full moons. In December, the Blue Moon rises on the last day of the year. Once defined as being a fourth full moon in a season, a Blue Moon commonly refers to any second full moon during a calendar month. Blue orchid, ipomoea alba, blue moon wisteria, pennyroyal, lunar spices

Capricorn (Essential Elixir): December 22nd – January 20th: The Goat. Cardinal. Earth. Saturn. Uranus. Stable. Practical. Prudent. Careful. Humorous. Tenacious. Pessimistic. Reserved. Ambitious. Loyal. Vetiver, bergamot, amyris, oakmoss, gurjum balsam, ginger

December (Essential Elixir): December was once the 10th month of the Roman calendar. As the 10th month, December had 30 days until King Numa Pompilius, who made it the 12th month and shortened it to 29 days. Eventually, Julius made December 31 days long. Bitter almond, spruce, fir needle, ho wood, sugar mint

Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights celebrates the purification of a desecrated temple and commemorates the miracle of one day's worth of consecrated oil (used to light the eternal flame) lasting for eight days. In 2009, Hanukkah begins sunset 12.11.2009 and ends sunset 12.19.2009. For eight days, special songs and daily prayers are recited and celebrants partake in traditional fried foods, games, and the giving of gifts. Olive oil, beeswax candles, sufganiyot, chocolate gelt

Long Night Moon: December's full moon is called Long Night Moon and is aptly named for the long, dark nights with Winter Solstice being the longest night of the year. Paper whites, winterberry, dianthus, rosewood, pink peppercorn, lunar spices

Narcissus: December's birth flower, the Narcissus symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings with undertones of vanity and death. Famously named after the Greek story of Narcissus, the flower was said to be the one Persephone was picking when Hades kidnapped her for his wife. With Persephone stolen away to the underworld, the grieving Earth was plunged into winter. When Hades relented and agreed to allow Persephone leave of the underworld, flowers bloomed…the first being Narcissus. Narcissus, spices

Turquoise: December's birthstone, Turquoise is said to protect and heal its wearer while increasing courage and luck. Turquoise opens channels of communication which strengthens the bonds of friendship. This ancient stone is considered to be sacred, promoting mental and spiritual clarity, kindness and understanding. Green desert lily, blue cactus nectar, pear blossom


Good Judy is excited to offer Mineral Bath Soaks. These therapeutic mineral soaks are all hand crafted to order and are perfect for creating a spa in your very own bathroom. Our salts work wonders in the tub by soaking away your cares and enveloping your entire body in aromatic splendor. They may also be used as foot soaks to soothe and restore tired, worn out feet. Our first run of Mineral Bath Soaks are available in a 3oz size (enough for one luxurious bath or two soothing foot soaks) for $5. Mineral Bath Soaks are created using the finest natural ingredients including Epsom salt, Pacific sea salt, Dead Sea salt, and baking soda. The Aromatherapy Spa line contains pure essential oils and the Salon Soaks are a blend of pure essential and quality fragrance oils. Soak your cares away!


Dreamy: Dreamy will quiet your senses and lull you into a serene state of mind. Our soothing and calming brew of tender herbs, ethereal flowers, and soporific spices are just the sedative you'll need to find your way to a dreamy world of peaceful slumber.Vanilla, coconut, spearmint, chamomile, cardamom, calamus

Just Breathe: Just Breathe combines a perfect balance of well-known essential oils to help open up those stuffy noses and congested airways. Perfect for refreshing and clearing the air too! White grapefruit, eucalyptus, petitgrain, cajeput, camphor

Peace & Love: A free loving combination of earthy woods and herbs mixed with sensual spices and exotic florals. Peace & Love was created to encourage a deeper connection with self and the world around you. Amber, blond patchouli, tolu balsam, ylang ylang, coriander, ginger, turmeric

Poised: Poised is a well balanced accord of essential oils to assist with balancing your mood and allowing grace and dignity to shine. It's all about harmony and equality of the senses. Lemongrass, orange, lavender grosso, myrrh, clove

Stripped: Stripped is a wonderful detoxification tonic. Full of purifying herbs and oils, Stripped assists with cleansing your skin and comforting your mind.Carrot seed oil, geranium, hydacheim , basil, sage, marjoram, bay, cedar, copaiba balsam, elemi

Up & At 'Em: The perfect way to start your day (or rev up your nights). Good Judy kicks things into high gear with this invigorating blend sure to liven things up. Revitalize and energize! Lime, peppermint, rosemary, galangal, cypress, cumin


Cookie Climax (Limited Edition, also available as an Aromatic Spritzer): Good Judy has created sensory overload with Cookie Climax. We've reached the height of cookie indulgence. This is the pinnacle of sweet and crumbly baked goodness. Cookie Climax has all the ingredients of all of our favorite cookies, so even though it smells good enough to eat, wearing it will have to be your high point with this perfumed treat! Sugar cookies, butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, speculaas cookies, Moravian cookies Available 12.1.09 thru 12.31.09, or while supplies last

Snow Cream (Limited Edition, also available as an Aromatic Spritzer): What better way to spend a snowy day than whipping up a fresh batch of tummy pleasing Snow Cream? Wrap yourself in scented comfort with this fresh and creamy childhood favorite. Fresh, clean snow sweetened with cream, sugar, and vanilla Available 12.1.09 thru 12.31.09, or while supplies last

Winter Toddy (Limited Edition, also available as an Aromatic Spritzer): Winter Toddy is reminiscent of a wonderfully warm cup of cheer that will melt winter's icy grip. This creamy sweet and delicately spiced scent will warm your bones and lift your winter spirits. Shots of brandy, oak barrel apple bourbon, and buttered rum mixed with cocoa, brown sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, clove Available 12.1.09 thru 12.31.09, or while supplies last

Boy...Oh Boy!: The name says it all! You're sure to swoon over this handsomely rugged bouquet that's smooth, sophisticated and immensely gratifying. But don't let the name fool you…this scent is just as flattering for the ladies. Jatamansi, black musk, sweet grass, cedar, nutmeg, amber, white cistus

Consider Bliss: When you're down and out, sad and blue, and have nowhere to turn, Consider Bliss and you'll know how sweet life truly is! Made with 100% organic flavor oils. Dulce de leche, white chocolate, butter cream, black cherry

Desert Rose: A unique aromatic combination of desert blooms and arid landscapes. An appealing contradiction of juicy and dry, velvety and rough, lush and barren. Saguaro, rosemilk, prickle poppy, mariposa lily, desert sand, wild herbs

Gettin' Figgy With It: A seductive and tantalizing blend of sweet exotic dark fruits and earthy notes combine to create a deeply sensual, warm, enticing aroma sure to set the perfect mood Juicy black fig, wild plum, warm sandalwood, earthy oakmoss

Like A Baby: Treat yourself Like A Baby. Swaddle yourself in scented comfort with this nostalgic blend. Innocent and fresh. Soft and clean. Soothing and reassuring. Silky smooth powders combine with lilac, violet, white musk, and a hint of lavender and vanilla

Shanghai Spa: Take a trip to the Far East with this luxurious blend of soothing Asian scents Spa water infused with ginseng, water lily, lotus blossom, and china musk


Good Judy has resurrected Flaming Red. This special perfume was created to help support and promote the fight against HIV/AIDS while educating and ending prejudice against HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day is December 1st and was established by the World Health Organization in 1988. Proceeds will be donated to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS . Stop AIDS! Keep the promise! Sangre de Drago, linden blossom, red tea, red musk, blood orange, carnation, dry martini *Due to the nature of this blend, coupons, sales or promotions may not be applied to purchase. Not available in Whiff size. Thank you.


The newest edition to Good Judy's Signature Scent line is Psycho Sugar. Psycho Sugar was inspired by The Artist D: A creative, artistic, flavorful, crazy good, sweet-smelling scent-sation that embodies the essence of the dramatic diva in us all. Inspired by a legend, this perfume oil was designed for anyone and everyone with self confidence and passion, who lead where others follow, who strive to rise above, who embrace the surreal, and who aspire (and inspire) to be distinctive. Banana Brûlée, pineapple, sweet lime, star fruit, purple fig, champagne, sugared amber, cashmere

***YULE 2009: DARK & LIGHT

Yule 2009: Dark & Light are available through 1.3.10, or while supplies last.

Dark Yule: Gingerbread Deathtrap: Warm, spicy gingerbread, dark molasses
Dark Yule: Grýla: A sinister dollop of troll musk, sharp-toothed amber, and crisp frozen apple, teased with the sweet escape of red vanilla bean and candied sugar
Dark Yule: Holly King: Fresh holly sprigs and evergreen branches, mingle with the sanguine juices of pomegranate, cranberry, and winter plum
Dark Yule: Kallikantzaroi: Bitter black mocha espresso and white pepper are purified by an appeasing assortment of sweetmeats and a warm, flickering Yule log
Dark Yule: Queen of the Cold Darkness: The soft azure sky and warm sweet woods are shadowed by winter clouds and chilled by fresh fallen snow
Dark Yule: Silence Fears the Midnight Heartbeat: Ebony musk and fearful frost blanket a quiet coppice of evergreen and mistletoe
Dark Yule: The Wren & The Robin: Rhubarb, mandarin, lemon, pomelo, Neroli, sandalwood, white cedar, ginger root, coconut, caramel, white chocolate, bourbon vanilla
Dark Yule: Wild Hunt: Spiced buttered rum, bayberry, nutmeg, cinnamon, juniper
Light Yule: Cailleach Bheur: Gorse flower, sweet pine, chilled water, frozen stone
Light Yule: Candy Cane Karma: Cool, invigorating, and uplifting sugared peppermint and vanilla cream
Light Yule: Kadena Vecher (Incensed Night): A traditional offering of ritual incense, resins, and candle smoke
Light Yule: La Befana: Rum nut cake, spiced marmalade, plum pudding, maple candy, and cocoa coal
Light Yule: Oak King: Majestic golden oak, cherry wood, fertile acorn, budding leaves, and black raspberry tea spiced with pimento berry
Light Yule: Sexy Santa 2009: Exotic mahogany, warm Tunisian spices, sugared orchids
Light Yule: Snow Dream 2009: Delicate virgin snow, warmed up with vanilla accord, figs and honeyed pipe tobacco, and spiced with the barest whisper of nutmeg, rum, cinnamon, ginger, and chocolate
Light Yule: Wase Haile 2009: Toast soaked in honey mead, spiced pears, warm cider


Due to component issues and an upcoming redesign, after 12.31.09 (or when supplies run out), Good Judy will be discontinuing the entire Punk general catalog category and C3BY, Elate, Hijinx, Lucky Ducky, and Lullaby from the In The Mood category.


The Yule Pass It On contest has been a great success and it's not over yet! There's still plenty of time to enter.

How to win:

1. Make sure you're following Good Judy on Twitter (twitter.com/goodjudy) and/or Facebook (facebook.com/goodjudy).

2. Look out for tweets or updates announcing the Yule 2009: Dark & Light update asking you to PASS IT ON

3. RT the tweet or repost the facebook announcement. Each RT or repost enters you into the drawing!

4. There will be multiple chances to enter, and you will be entered EVERY time you RT or repost...so make sure to RT or repost ANY tweets or updates that end with PASS IT ON

What you win:

A complete set of Yule 2009: Dark & Light perfumes! All 16 blends in 2ml bottles with custom labels. A one-of-a-kind set!

On December 6th, winner will be randomly chosen (out of an elf hat!) from all entries. There will be one winner and your chance depends on the final amount of entrants. Good luck!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful year. A blessing this December to you and yours. Celebrate love and life. Cherish every moment and let gratitude be you guiding light throughout the year. Keep safe and love each other!


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