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December is here, and it promises to be a great end to a wonderful year for Good Judy. The last month of the year brings a rather large update. There are some great APM: December perfumes, the return of Flaming Red, a few new Limited Edition Aromatic Spritzers, a fabulous new Signature Scent, discontinued perfumes, and I am most excited to announce our newest product...Mineral Bath Soaks!

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Welcome to October! It's Good Judy's 2nd anniversary! To celebrate, there's a special limited edition perfume (and the return of last year's anniversary perfume). Plus, the Almanac per Mensem blends for October are available, and a limited edition Aromatic Spritzer makes its debut. Without further ado...Click for Goodies! )
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It's September! The weather is definitely cooling. The windows are open and the mountain air is alive with the scents and the sounds of the end of summer. With September comes 15 limited edition blends ready for the slathering! Good Judy's favorite holiday is just around the corner. Plus, the Almanac per Mensem blends for September are ready to go. Onwards...Click for Goodies! )
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APM: August only has a week left before making room for APM: September. Poor August was swallowed up by the Enchanted Autumn and Aromatic Spritzer releases, and has not received the attention it deserves. But, rest assured, there is one more week to take advantage of these wonderful blends.

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Good Judy is pleased (and very excited) to announce the release of a new GC line: Boudoir Boutique! Plus, Almanac per Mensem: July is live...and we've made a few changes to the rules!

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Almanac per Mensem: June will only be available for two more days. Sales end at midnight on the 15th. Order soon!

Cancer (Essential Elixir): June 22nd – July 22th : The Crab. Cardinal. Water. Emotional. Generous. Intuitive. Caring. Adaptable. Maternal. Intense. Palmarosa, lemon eucalyptus, chamomile, myrrh, calamus root

Juno (Essential Elixir): The month of June is named after the wife (and sister) of Jupiter, the Roman goddess Juno (equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera). A patron goddess of Rome, Juno is known as the goddess of marriage and well-being of women. Vetiver, sweet birch, opoponax, elemi, mugwort, camphor

Mean Samhradh: Summer is here! June 21st marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This longest day with the shortest night commemorates the return of the harvest and summer fun. A sacred day to the Sidhe, whatever you dream on this night is said to come true. It is also said that mid-summer plants picked on this night have miraculous healing powers. Bonfires light this shortest night to protect celebrants from evil spirits believed to be roaming the land. After the fires burned down, folks would carry ashes back to their homes to sprinkle on fields, the four corners, and lay embers on the hearth. Ashes bring powers of protection, health and luck. Wild fern, blue vervain, st. john’s wort, pennyroyal, fire, ash

Pearl: June's birthstone, Pearl signifies faith, charity, and innocence. They are said to allow a person to open up and find the meaning and the purpose of one’s true self. Pearls have been used throughout medical history to help treat disorders of the digestive tract, muscular systems and the skin. Powders and potions containing pearls have also been developed to aid in fertility, as well as in easing the discomforts of the birthing process. Ancient legend says that pearls were thought to be the tears of the gods and the Greeks believed that wearing pearls would promote marital bliss and prevent newlywed women from crying. Cashmere, china musk, freesia, white peach, tuberose

Rose: June's birth flower, the Rose signifies love, completion, and perfection. Arguably the most famous of all flowers, the Rose is steeped in ancient mysteries and traditions and people have been passionate about roses since the beginning of time. Modern meanings vary greatly depending on color, shape, and number of petals. Rose, spices

Strawberry Moon: The full moon in June is named for the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries. Fresh, sweet strawberry, lunar spices
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Good day my fine Good Judy friends! Are you ready for summer?! Well, Good Judy is...and we have the blends to prove it. From Almanac per Mensem: June to Summer 2009: Island Hopping, there are plenty of perfume concoctions to get you in the summer mood. Look and see!

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