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Scent of the Day: Wild Hunt (in Yule 2009: Dark & Light)

"When the winter winds blow and the Yule fires are lit, it is best to stay indoors, safely shut away from the dark paths and the wild heaths. Those who wander out by themselves during the Yule-nights may hear a sudden rustling through the tops of the trees - a rustling that might be the wind, though the rest of the wood is still.

"But then the barking of dogs fills the air, and the host of wild souls sweeps down, fire flashing from the eyes of the black hounds and the hooves of the black horses." - Kveldulf Hagen Gundarsson

The hunt is legend to take place between October 31st and April 30th (May Eve). But the height of the Wild Hunt is said to fall on Yule, December 21st.

Spiced buttered rum, bayberry, nutmeg, cinnamon, juniper
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Typically cutesy human characters that possess animal-like features from wolf or bunny ears, to cat or fox tails, to wings or whiskers. Kemonomimi characters are more human than animal, and more times than not their animal features are removable. Kemonomimi characters are seen throughout all genres of anime and manga.

Vanilla bean, rum, chocolate covered cherries, black figs, amber, cardamom, coriander
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Bread Pudding

Warm bread soaked in milk and eggs and spices. Baked golden bubbly and served drenched in an ooey-gooey vanilla rum sauce. Delightfully rich and satisfying!

Remember, all perfumes in the Mary Jo's Bakery line are for external use only! This is the one time it's perfectly acceptable to wear your food. Please do not eat or drink perfumes.

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August: Virgo

August 23nd – September 22rd: The Virgin. Mutable. Earth. Mercury

Practical. Analytical. Critical. Insightful. Investigative. Cautious. Meticulous. Organized.

Ginger lily, spike lavender, almond, caraway

Virgo is an Essential Elixir

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Gravy is Good Judy's signature scent! This is some awesome sauce! Soft and glowing. Warm and comforting. Nice and sweet, with something a little mysterious and dark underneath.

Two warm, buttery vanillas folded into creamy cocoa butter and poured over spicy warm resins.

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