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While we love to celebrate the entire month, today is officially Good Judy's 2nd anniversary! Sincerest thanks and much love to all of our friends and fans!


It's our 2nd anniversary! Thanks to all of our friends and fans for making it a great 2 years. To celebrate and commemorate, a special limited edition perfume is available for the month of October.

Gee Jay is a well-blended, complex scent chock full of sensuous beauty and warmth, including alluring floral notes of cyclamen, sambac, mimosa, rose water, peony, osmanthus, iris, and vanilla orchid….grounding herbs of lavender, rosemary, basil, sage, hemp…sweet and tangy fruits of tangerine, bergamot, limewood, and pear…spices of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon bark, amberseed and vanilla…finished with a well rounded combination of nag champa, vetyver, sandalwood, white amber, and white and black musk.

The notes are well-blended and complimentary, with no single note standing out above another. Celebrate Good Judy's 2nd anniversary in scented splendor with Gee Jay!

And, as a special thanks, the return of last year's anniversary perfume:

Halo & Horns: Black amber, dragon's blood, aloe, banyan fruit, teak leaf

Both anniversary perfumes are available 10.01.09 through 10.31.09, or while supplies last.


There have been many requests for Enchanted Autumn 2009 perfumes since they went away on 9.30.09, so The Vault is open! Needless to say, supplies on these perfumes are very limited.

The Vault will remain open through 10.31.09, or while supplies last.


Supplies for Pumpkin King arrived last week and I'm all caught up. Also, printer drama is fixed! Everything is back on track.


Halloween 2009: La Bal Masqué
Los Dias de los Muertos 2009
Anniversary Blends
Almanac per Mensem: October

Blessings and many thanks,

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The Vault is open, and weather reports say it's snowing inside. It's Christmas in July! Limited Edition 'Tis the Season 2008 blends are available in extremely limited quantities on a first come first served basis. I'm not sure how long The Vault will stay open this time, so hurry over and grab your favorites before the snow melts.


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Good Judy opened The Vault yesterday, and twitter folks heard about it first! We found a few treasures worthy of a grand 4th of July celebration. There are only a few bottles left and The Vault will be closed at midnight tonight. While we were in there, we noticed a few other scents that will be making an appearance later in the month. We'll send a tweet as soon as they do.


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Good Judy is pleased (and very excited) to announce the release of a new GC line: Boudoir Boutique! Plus, Almanac per Mensem: July is live...and we've made a few changes to the rules!

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The Vault!

May. 16th, 2009 08:38 am
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The Vault is open! Blasts from the pasts are available in extremely limited quantities. Get 'em while you can!


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